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How to analyze a crowdfunding project?

How to analyze a crowdfunding project

Crowdfunding has become a popular form of investing. But don’t lose money with investing in crowdfunding. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to analyze a crowdfunding project.

Investment strategy – how to choose the best one?

The best investment strategies

Every successful investor follows a certain investment strategy. An investment strategy helps to narrow down the selection of potential investments curb quick irrational investment decisions, and should provide a pattern for how good returns are achieved.
Essentially, an investment strategy is a set of rules, procedures, and desired behaviors that dictate what investments to make and when. Learn more about the best investment strategies.

The 100 best websites for investors

flow about investing opportunities and the right tools (websites, apps) to choose the best investments. That’s why we at Equito have prepared the ultimate collection of the 100 best websites for investors. We divided the websites into a few core categories, listed all the best resources in each category, and selected the category winner.