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Buy and sell shares of Europe’s trendiest startups.


Equito offers you a premium selection of the best crowdfunding deals in Europe.

When crowd investing becomes smart investing

Invest in private deals that were not accessible previously. Get access to potential high returns on your investments.

  • Riskier investments, but with huge upside potential
  • Boost your entrepreneurial spirit and help change the world
  • Mix private investments with public investments

Understand all aspects of the deal

Understand exactly what you are investing in, what the investment terms are and the risks.

Terms cheat sheet

The terms of the deal explained in plain English.

Investment Pros and Cons

Pros and cons of the investment presented transparently.

Founders Interviews

Watch video interviews with founders.

Learn as you invest

Learn as you invest with the educational tips on the platform.

Investors stay informed by the company

After the investment deal is closed, Equito helps companies to meet the highest corporate standards in investor relations.
We provide templates, timelines, and technology to communicate regularly with investors, announcing important formal and informal information.

  • Important announcements
  • Shareholder voting
  • Corporate action notifications
  • Dividend distributions
  • Annual reports

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