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Simple, efficient and optimized, this is real estate investing on the Equito platform, which offers you only the best real estate deals.

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The housing market is a few clicks away

Entering the housing market can be as seamless as purchasing a stock, and the best news is that you do not need millions to participate in real estate deals.

  • The best real-estate projects in Europe in your hands
  • Work only with experienced developers and transparent deal terms
  • Invest smaller amounts in real estate with just a few clicks

Crowdfunding + Real Estate

On our platform you can participate in crowdfunding projects for all kinds of investment properties, including residential, industrial, offices, retail, and logistics.

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Secure your returns with real estate asset classes.


Diversify your investments among different types of properties.


Diversify additionally across different asset classes.

Uniquely structured deals for optimal returns or passive income

Equity and debt real estate crowdfunding deals with different repayment strategies – from leasing to selling the properties.
The deal terms are always transparent, and on top of that, you can learn as you invest with explanatory texts and videos.

  • Get access to different types of real estate deals
  • Learn about the real estate market while you invest
  • Get to know other investors in the Equito community

Join the best European investment community

A community where users can connect, discuss, and learn about investing in different asset classes.

Discuss investment opportunities and share knowledge
Meet like-minded people and share investment ideas
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