About us

Equito, d. o. o., is a specialized brokerage company, acting as a permanent and close partner that helps fast-growing and established companies access various sources of funding. We provide companies with a comprehensive support in the area of finance function management, primarily in relation to debt, equity and other sources of funding, both in the public and private markets.

We assist businesses in securing new funding for continued expansion, link them with potential investors, and offer a comprehensive service to introduce them to global stock exchanges. We cover all aspects of raising capital, from the design of the investment structure and preparation of the investment documentation to testing the product in the market place and its promotion, as well as the legal side of the investment process. In addition, we advise companies on optimal financing structures and other areas of corporate finance.

As a brokerage firm, we bring together experts in economics, corporate finance, law, investing and stock trading. We’ve created a proprietary investment platform that digitizes and streamlines every step – before, during, and post-investment. Consequently, our platform provides a cohesive, efficient, and competitive approach to securities issuance and capital raising.

We also help companies and individuals in growing surplus assets, acquiring investment skills, as well as unlocking premium investment opportunities.

We are a regulated brokerage company under European law.

  • As a brokerage company, we are authorized to provide investment services under the European MiFID II directive.
  • Investors’ funds are held in a separate trust account secured with a deposit guarantee.
  • We are based in the EU and operate in compliance with GDPR legislation.

About the Cryptix Group

Equito is part of the Cryptix Group.

Cryptix AG is a holding company for European companies and a platform dedicated to building new innovative undertakings, especially in the fintech sector. The group sets up or acquires companies and projects that operate under a shared vision of creating a “financial market for people”. The Group that Equito belongs to is made up of companies in Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia and other countries.

Cryptix Labs GmbH also has its own research and development center, providing technology consulting and software development services with a focus on blockchain technology and distributed ledger technology (DLT). Cryptix Labs also acts as a service provider in the areas of IT infrastructure, business consulting and business development, both for Cryptix Group companies, as well as for their clients and anyone who is seeking the competencies that Cryptix brings to the table.