Do you have surplus funds in your business bank account?

Don’t let your surplus funds rest while inflation eats away at it.

After a few successful years in business, companies often accumulate surplus cash in their business accounts. Relative to the scale of the business, the company may not need a large amount of cash in the bank account and may be presented with a whole new challenge – where to invest the surplus cash. Let us help you.

Optimal allocation between working capital and investments

Before investing surplus funds, the company’s working capital and cash requirements must be carefully assessed to ensure that the company does not run into liquidity problems. We make an assessment that clearly shows how much cash is sensible to be allocated to the current liquidity and how much to reallocate to short- and long-term investments.

  • The needs for working capital or cash available in the bank account is taken into consideration
  • The overall financial landscape of the company is carefully considered
  • Running a successful business is always the first priority

A tailor-made investment plan for businesses

Based on the amount of cash to invest, the company’s financial targets (cash flow from financing) and the desired level of risk, we prepare an individual investment plan for companies, including different types and maturities of investments. We prepare a proposal for the optimal allocation and refinement of surplus funds.

Investments are classified as:

  • Safer investments such as bonds and commercial papers
  • Investments with low management fees, such as index funds and ETFs
  • Smaller proportion of assets allocated in riskier investments

We also advise you on where to open trading accounts to optimize your fees. In addition, we can optimize the sources of funding and ensure that the cost of capital is minimized, thus maximizing financial revenues.

Implementation of the investment policy

The treasury and investment policy in larger companies is managed by the finance department, together with specialized teams, possibly with the help of external consultants. This isn’t practical for smaller firms; hence, we can execute the investment strategy for you. This is a type of commercial asset management.

  • Taking care of investment accounts and making investments in line with the written policy
  • Preparation of a monthly status report
  • Adapting the strategy to the company’s current financial situation

Not sure how and where to invest the surplus funds in your business bank account?


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