Raise money from the most suitable investors for your business

The most suitable investors are usually those with whom you already do business and who believe in your company.

We offer boutique capital-raising services for small and medium-sized enterprises through crowdfunding. We help you raise money from the most suitable investors for your business, such as your customers, business partners, business communities or private investors.

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Modern-day forms of crowdfunding

Traditional forms of crowdfunding involve an offering to the general public, which usually entails higher marketing costs. We have developed an innovative concept (“stakeholder crowdfunding” or “customer crowdfunding”) and a platform to raise capital through crowdfunding among your stakeholders.

  • You can raise up to EUR 5 million without a prospectus (or even more with a prospectus)
  • All forms of crowdfunding (equity, debt…)
  • Increase the commitment and loyalty of your stakeholders (customers, suppliers, etc.)
  • Cost-effective and fast crowdfunding

Turnkey crowdfunding so that you can focus on your business

We offer capital raising by means of crowdfunding as an integrated turnkey service for businesses. We provide the commercial, financial and legal implementation of crowdfunding, including the technology platform. Dedicate your attention to growing your business and leave the difficult task of raising capital to us.

Considerations before starting to raise capital

  • Choose the type and terms of crowdfunding
  • Choose the optimal legal form for your company
  • Examine the tax implications of raising capital, choose the most appropriate jurisdiction
  • Design optimal capital structure
  • Reorganize and implement corporate change
    • Create a new company, spin-off, reverse stock split, etc.
  • Draft the prospectus, communicate with regulators for approval and “passporting”
  • Define a marketing and investor attraction strategy

Offering to investors and issue of securities

  • Execute the first sale or resale of financial instruments (without redemption obligation)
  • Distribute and allocate securities
  • Support capital raising marketing and communication activities towards stakeholders
  • Presentation to angel investors, venture capital funds and the public

Consulting after the issue of securities

  • Dividend payout policy setting
  • Assistance in the management of corporate actions, including the general meeting
  • Assistance in setting up and managing the shareholder register
  • Assistance with the registration of securities with central securities depositories
  • Execution of a listing on the selected exchange

Equito crowdfunding platform

We’ve created the Equito crowdfunding platform, offering a digital and intuitive approach to secure funding from both individual and institutional investors. Our platform, together with the support of our Customer Service staff, ensures a seamless investment journey, from registration on the platform to the full transfer of funds.


A typical fully digitized investment process for investors:

  • Investors register on the platform (via secure Auth0 system)
  • Pass KYC and KYB
  • Make a transfer of funds
  • Choose an investment with all key information in one place
  • Sign the subscription form and make the investment

Our platform supports all processes before the fundraising phase (marketing, communication, legal aspects), during the fundraising and after the fundraising (communication with investors).


Companies eligible for Equito crowdfunding

  • Innovative growing companies or stable and profitable companies with a clear expansion plan
  • Companies with more than EUR 0.5 million in revenue, wishing to raise at least EUR 1 million in capital
  • Companies that can (in the future) pay dividends, revenue shares or have a clear exit strategy
  • A strong brand, an existing well established customer/partner base (e-mail addresses, social networks) or loyalty programs are desirable

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