Do you need a business plan for banks or investors?

We elaborate business plans and investment proposals that convince investors to fund your business.

The business plan or investment proposal is the basic document for raising funding, be it equity or debt financing. We elaborate professional business plans, together with financial projections, tailored to the funding requirements.

We provide this service for international companies that have business documents in English.

We elaborate all types of proposals quickly and efficiently

We prepare the content and structure of the business plan for the different types of investors you are looking for. The chapters and content are prepared in accordance with the required standards, and the document is drawn up either in Slovenian or English (translations into other languages are also possible). At the workshops, we help you get all the information you need, producing the investment documentation quickly and efficiently.

  • Proposals for banks.
  • Drawing up a business plan for investors.
  • Drawing up just the financial plan.

Na vašo željo lahko izdelamo tudi samo finančni načrt, brez vsebinskega dela.

Content of the business plan

The business plan or investment proposal is prepared in accordance with the internationally recognized chapter structure. The content is tailored to the requirements of the investor or the type of funding being raised. The standard chapter structure usually includes the following chapters:

  • Business Idea

    The business idea chapter presents the innovation, vision, mission, strategic objectives and values. It highlights the core competence and the company/project differentiator.

  • Industry, market and customer analysis

    The analytical part includes an analysis of the macroeconomic environment, industry, market, customers and competition. It determines the attractiveness of the business environment and the potential for market development. It provides a detailed analysis of competitors, both in terms of content and finances. The key is to come up with unique selling points. Customers are segmented accordingly.

  • Company’s marketing strategy

    Based on the business idea and analytical part, marketing strategy and marketing communication strategy are developed. The market entry strategy, pricing strategy as well as optimal marketing and customer communication tools are described in detail. Marketing also includes a strategy for building an online presence, which plays an increasingly important role in every company’s communications.

  • Development and technology

    This chapter covers the development plan, product portfolio, potential new products as well as the topics of technology and possible intellectual property protection in terms of patents.

  • Team

    The business plan also outlines the organizational structure as well as provides a description of the management team and key employees.

  • Critical risks

    The business plan also identifies and classifies all potential critical risks and develops a risk management strategy.

  • Time schedule

    An important part of the business plan is the time schedule, which establishes milestones, priorities and sequence of activities to be followed in achieving the company’s business objectives.

  • Financial plan

    The substantive part of the business plan is used to prepare the financial plan, including the balance sheet, profit and loss account as well as cash flow statement. Financial planning takes into account a range of scenarios, from the optimistic to the realistic one.

    Upon request, we can also draw up a financial plan only, without the substantive part.

  • Summary and presentation

    The business plan also serves as the basis for the business plan summary and presentation.

In the case of the issuance of securities, we also draw up a prospectus in accordance with the legislative provisions.

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