Are you a fast-growing or established company looking for fresh sources of funding?

  • We are a specialist brokerage firm for companies looking for fresh capital.

We provide a full range of capital-raising services for companies via the stock exchange, spanning from equity and debt issuance to IPOs. We also help companies access fresh capital by means of crowdfunding.

Bond issuance

Bond issuance is the most common form of long-term corporate borrowing, alongside bank financing. Bonds are best suited when the issuer wants to borrow a larger amount of money for a longer period of time while already partially indebted to banks. This is the ideal solution when bank financing is not an option.

  • A more flexible and stable source of financing than taking out a loan
  • Long-term debt financing from EUR 1 million upwards
  • For fast-growing and established companies with a good credit rating

Commercial papers

Commercial papers are very similar in nature to bonds, but differing in maturity, as commercial papers are intended for short-term funding. Commercial papers are an alternative to short-term bank loans, with a typical maturity of a few months to a year.

  • Usually the first step before issuing a bond
  • Short-term funding to build relationships with investors
  • For stable and established companies with a good credit rating

Stock exchange listing

One of the best ways to raise additional equity finance and provide liquidity to company’s shares is to sell them publicly. In the process called “Initial Public Offering” or “IPO”, a previously unlisted company offers new or existing shares to the public for the first time (to institutional and possibly retail investors).

  • Raising large amounts of capital
  • Increased liquidity of the company’s holdings and clear valuation
  • Facilitating the setting up of a stock option incentive scheme (ISOs)
  • Improved corporate governance and external perception of the company


Crowdfunding has become a common and popular method of raising capital in the last decade. Using this concept and our own platform, we help you raise funds from the most suitable investors for your business, such as customers, business partners, business angel networks, business communities, or your own personal circle of investors.

  • You can raise up to EUR 5 million without a prospectus (or even more with a prospectus)
  • All forms of crowdfunding (equity, debt…)
  • Deepen your engagement with key stakeholders such as your customers

Not sure which funding source is right for you?

We advise companies on choosing the right source of funding and optimizing their capital structure. We prepare all investment documentation and carry out market testing before issuing.

Following positive market evaluations, we manage investor presentations and discussions (“roadshows”), handle communications with regulatory bodies, and oversee the entire legal dimension of the investment.

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