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As a provider of comprehensive services, we offer expert setup of the controlling function.

Controlling is a supporting function for the company’s management, independently monitoring operations and the execution of planned objectives, and warning of critical events in time. Controlling can also take on the task of regular reporting that owners or investors request from the company’s management. We can set up a complete controlling function for you or help you organize your processes.

We provide this service for international companies that have business documents in English.

Why is company controlling important?

Company’s controlling function involves coordinating activities with the aim of setting business objectives, preparing programme planning, coordinating short- and long-term plans, and monitoring the execution of plans and deviations. The controlling function can be divided into strategic controlling (as support in decision-making) or operational controlling (as internal control of the company’s business processes).

The main tasks performed by controlling include:

  • Drawing up and monitoring budgets:

    Controlling involves preparing annual budgets and monitoring their execution to ensure that financial limitations are taken into account.

  • Financial analyses:

    Controlling analyses financial data such as the balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement to help you understand the financial health of the company.

  • Cost control:

    Controlling helps to identify and reduce unnecessary costs, allowing a company to operate more efficiently and maximize its profits.

  • Optimal allocation of resources:

    Controlling ensures that a company’s financial resources are properly allocated and support its business objectives.

  • Support with decision-making:

    Controlling provides support with decision-making for company management by analyzing financial data and drawing up company performance reports.

  • Forecasting and planning:

    Controlling involves forecasting future financial results and preparing plans for meeting business objectives.

Controlling plays a key role in making a business successful by providing financial control, cost optimization and strategic planning support.

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