Access carefully selected investment opportunities

We offer our investor base access to high-yielding investment projects.

Through our platform and community, you can invest in promising:

  • Private companies

  • Real estate projects

On our platform, you will find carefully selected private and crowdfunding projects, structured as equity, debt or other forms of investment. The terms and conditions are always clearly and transparently presented.

Invest in future entrepreneurial winners

Invest in private companies and projects that were previously only available to larger private funds and institutional investors. Get access to potentially higher returns than are available at open markets (stock exchanges).

  • Riskier investments, with the possibility of substantial returns
  • Stimulate your entrepreneurial spirit by investing in promising companies
  • Disperse the assets between private and public investments
  • Monitor your business performance to become a better entrepreneur

We open the door to investment in high-growth or established and stable private companies that have a serious chance of becoming winners in European and global markets.


Carefully selected real estate projects across Europe

The platform enables fundraising (crowdfunding) in all types of investment properties, from residential to industrial, retail, logistics and commercial. All projects are prepared by experienced real estate developers.

  • The best real estate projects in Europe at your fingertips
  • Only work with experienced project promoters and under transparent business conditions
  • Invest small amounts in promising real estate projects

Transparency – Know all aspects of your investment before you invest

To us, investors always come first. That’s why the terms are always presented transparently and the projects on the Equito Platform are carefully selected. Understand all the details of the investments you are making, their terms, risks and potential returns.

  • Summary of terms – The terms and risks of the investment summarized in plain language
  • Pros and cons – An overview of the pros and cons of each investment
  • Contact with founders – Interviews with project promoters and additional information materials
  • Learning while investing – Access new knowledge with the platform’s educational tips

Regular communication after the investment has been made

After completing investments in private companies or real estate projects, Equito helps project owners achieve the highest corporate communication standards in investor relations. We provide the management of private companies with templates, timelines and technology for regular communication with investors, and a platform for publishing relevant formal and informal information.

  • Larger announcements and company successes
  • Corporate action notices
  • Annual reports
  • Shareholder voting
  • Dividend payouts

We are a regulated brokerage company under European law.

  • As a brokerage company, we are authorized to provide investment services under the European MiFID II directive.
  • Investors’ funds are held in a separate trust account secured with a deposit guarantee.
  • We are based in the EU and operate in compliance with GDPR legislation.