Raise money from investors who are a perfect fit for you

We offer boutique crowdfunding services

Helping you raise money from the perfect crowd of investors for your venture.

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Raise millions with the right deal structure

There are billions of euros in savings accounts and investment funds waiting for exciting new opportunities.
We structure the best deal to fit your growth plans.

  • Raise from 1 mio to 20 mio EUR
  • All types of crowdfunding (equity, debt…)
  • IPO support

Crowdfunding as a service

We offer crowdfunding as a full service. Focus on your business development and let us do the heavy lifting.

Pre-offer advisory

  • Corporate form, tax matters, jurisdiction selection, capital structure, reorganization
  • Restructuring and corporate changes in relation to capital structure, incorporation, stock splits/reverse splits, etc.
  • Prospectus drafting, approval, passporting
  • Setting the marketing strategy

Offering services

  • Placement without firm commitment in the EEA
  • Distribution and allotment of securities
  • Marketing and communication support
  • Introduction to additional angel, VC, and crowdfunding investors 

Post-offering advisory

  • Dividend policy and payouts. corporate actions administration
  • AGM-related activities
  • Shareholder registry administration and on-chain token management
  • Assistance with CSD registration and admission to trading at a selected EEA venue

A crowdfunding platform that supports all of your fundraising goals

Equito is a FinTech company that understands investors, the funding needs of businesses, and how technology can help connect the two.
That’s why we’ve built an outstanding crowdfunding and neobroker platform that is user-friendly and supports the entire crowdfunding process.

  • Track the progress of offerings
  • Simplify company announcements and corporate actions
  • Manage shareholder registers

What kind of companies are we looking for?

High-quality scaleups and SMEs with real ROI potential
Strong brand, 0.5M EUR+ in revenue, high growth potential
Raising from 1M to 20M EUR of financing
Can pay dividends, share revenue, or has a clear exit strategy
Customer base (emails, social network) with loyalty programs

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