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Luka Gubo


Head of Equito on a mission to create a new wave of investment opportunities. Former high-frequency trader passionate about financial markets. Frequent public speaker and author.

Rok Pirnat Zivec

Head of Customer Service

Digital finance advocate with a background in sales and support. Constantly optimizing all things customer service. Deep knowledge of KYC, KYB and customer onboarding processes.

Andrej Grobler

Head of Operations

Bridge between business, operations and IT. Capable organizer & motivator, experienced process and IT manager, Knowhow in fintech, telecom, banking, credit card processing and insurance.

Kristjan Dekleva

Head of Risk Management

Master of Finance, focused on private equity, corporate finance and asset management. With work in academic research in financial services industry, as well as diversified studies.

Luka Praper

Head of Finance

Combining passion for numbers with business planning and financial controlling. Enthusiastic about the possibilities of new business-models and technologies. Being part of a billion-dollar success story.

Gasper Stih

Head of Marketing

Passionate about building brands that leave an impact. Specialized in sales and marketing strategies, development of digital marketing materials and media campaigns backed by analytics.

Matic Nedog

Head of Legal

Legal background, developing legal frameworks for corporate restructuring, knowledge in complex business contracts and legal conceptualizations for innovative businesses.

Jure Cerjak

Head of Engineering

Python expert, specializing in web development. Aiming to create quality solutions with sane architecture and well-tested code


Equito give small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)  better access to funding, so you can focus on growing your business.

01. Fully Digital Process

Our tailored technology platform allows us to handle the whole process completely digitally – from investor onboarding, to securities offering, to shareholder management. We assure capable support during all phases of the process.

02. Compliant Procedure

An STO requires flexibility in order to comply with the regulator. Our procedures are fully compliant with AML 5, MiFID II, SDR II etc. as we have been supporting European SMEs for years and have learned to master these requirements.

03. Investor Network

We are not only administrator and organizer of your STO. Behind us is a venture capital community with several thousand small investors and we have contacts to the largest angel investor clubs, VC and PE firms in Europe.

04. Growth Prospectus

The central core of our offer is a prospectus, which is licensed and fully compliant with the regulatory requirements of an STO. Depending on the case, our lawyers and brokers will find ways and means to achieve your business objectives.


To provide the best possible service to our clients, Equito collaborates with experienced partners.


What is a Security Token Offering?

Security Token Offerings (STO) are changing the way capital is raised. Being affordable, highly regulated and cutting out intermediaries they're representing the efficient way for start-ups to raise the necessary funds directly from the market.

A brief introduction to Blockchain technology

The blockchain technology was first described in 2008 – under the pseudonym “Satoshi Nakamoto” in the Bitcoin white paper. Since then, the revolutionary technology has been transforming applications and industries around the world.


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