Case Study

How we helped Blocktrade raise 23 Mio EUR by offering a full crowdfunding service

The case

Blocktrade is a bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange with the promise that trading cryptocurrencies have never been so easy and fun, especially with Blocktrade Gamified Universe. They are part of a new, fast-growing industry, but one that also faces tough and fast competition. In order to grow quickly and secure a relevant market share as a cryptocurrency exchange, they needed to raise additional funding in a fast and efficient manner.

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Since they needed to remain focused on business development, they looked for ways to outsource the entire crowdfunding campaign. The other crowdfunding solutions did not offer a full fundraising service (only an online platform) and the set of potential investors was too general.

The solution

Blocktrade chose to partner with Equito with the goal of providing them with a customized and comprehensive crowdfunding service. At Equito, we helped Blocktrade structure the deal, prepare the investment terms and the prospectus for raising capital. All other documents were prepared to ensure 100% compliance with regulations in various EU countries (audited financial statements, extracts from the Commercial and Companies Register, etc.).

An advanced proprietary web technical solution for crowdfunding was set up on the sub-site. We identified the ideal group of investors, designed and executed the entire marketing campaign, and managed investor relations. We handled all legal, tax, accounting and transactional matters to complete the crowdfunding campaign.

The results in numbers

  • 15 fundraising documents prepared in 23 languages
  • 100 % compliance
  • 5.000+ investors
  • 6.000+ investor’s questions answered
  • 23 Mio EUR raised
Christian Niedermueller CEO of Blocktrade

Equito’s team provided us a full and hassle-free crowdfunding service. Together we overachieved our goals. Crowdfunding experience went beyond our expectations. Thanks to Equito, crowdfunding was never easier.