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Extension of the investment services license

Extended MiFID II investment services license
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March 5, 2024

At Equito we have successfully extended our existing MiFID II license. The extended license allows us to offer asset management services, investment advice and publish investment research.

Consequently, we are adding a new set of licensed services to our portfolio, in addition to the services related to the issuance of securities for which we had already obtained a license at the beginning of our operations.

The license extension allows us to offer a wide range of new services for our customers, including:

Table of contents

1. Portfolio management

This includes comprehensive asset management for both individuals and legal entities based on carefully developed investment strategies covering different levels of risk, liquidity, investment timeframes and potential returns.

Our team of experts has developed advanced quantitative models for our unique investment strategies, which are now also available to retail investors.

2. Investment advice

This investment service refers to personalized advice on developing a comprehensive and customized investment strategy and on selecting individual investments and obtaining second opinions.

Equito’s investment advice is based on a thorough understanding of an individual’s or company’s financial situation and factors such as risk tolerance, liquidity requirements and financial goals.

3. Investment research and stock trading signals

For clients who trade stocks on their own, we provide investment research and analysis for buying or selling stocks based on advanced quantitative models.

This enables our clients to make more informed decisions and improves our clients investment success.

4. Investment consultancy for companies

Based on projected cash flow requirements and expected business opportunities, we advise companies on investing surplus funds in various short or long-term investments.

Investment advice is also complemented by general advice on corporate finance, e.g. optimizing capital structure, working capital, etc.

5. M&A Advisory

We provide comprehensive advisory services to companies on growth strategies and securing new sources of funding for rapid expansion.

Our services also include advising on mergers, acquisitions and other corporate transactions, helping companies achieve their strategic goals.

Business and personal finance under one roof

The new investment services complement our existing service portfolio, which also includes support in obtaining various sources of financing, from the issue of bonds and commercial paper to the initial public offering (IPO). We are also in the process of acquiring a crowdfunding license.

In addition, we offer corporate finance services to our clients, from outsourcing a finance director to due diligence and financial planning.

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The highest level of security, expertise, and regulatory compliance

The license extension means far more than just an expansion of our service portfolio. Above all, it underlines our commitment to high standards of transparency, reliability and professionalism as well as full compliance with the law.

In a market with many questionable, unlicensed investment service providers, the difficult process of obtaining a license is all the more important as it ensures that our services are safe, reliable and in line with the highest legal standards.

We invite anyone looking for a reliable partner for asset management, investment advice or business advisory to contact us. We look forward to sharing our knowledge and experience with you to help you achieve your financial goals.

Luka Gubo, CEO