From investing to raising capital on the financial markets

On our blog, we spread knowledge that touches on all important areas relating to money (acquiring, saving, investing), both in the business and private area.

The best investing quotes

The 200 best investing quotes of all time

The investing quotes offer valuable insights into the minds of successful investors and provide an understanding of their strategies, philosophies, and experiences.

Investing in bonds

Investing in bonds – The ultimate guide

Bonds can offer one of the best ratios between return and risk while maintaining a high level of liquidity. This blog post is the ultimate guide to investing in bonds for individual investors.

The most popular investing rules

The 12 most popular investing rules & frameworks

Managing personal finances can be overwhelming, especially for those who do not have a solid financial background. However, some basic investing rules and principles can serve as a solid foundation for making informed decisions about saving, investing, and spending money.

Stock Market Predictions 2023

Stock Market Predictions 2023 – 42 Reports in One Place

We have gathered market outlooks and stock market predictions 2023 from the most renowned asset management institutions.

Technical analysis

Technical analysis – the basics and beyond

Technical analysis is a method of analysis in finance that focuses on price trends and derived technical indicators from prices and volume. In addition, technical ... Technical analysis – the basics and beyond

Investment questions

Investment questions to help you become a better investor

Almost all successful investors have a very strong analytical mind. One of the best ways to stimulate and direct your analytical mind is to ask ... Investment questions to help you become a better investor

The best investing books

The 190 Best Investing Books – Become a successful investor

This is the ultimate list of 190 best investing books. Have fun browsing, choosing your favorites, and reading the books.

Snowflake vs Palantir

Stock comparison: Snowflake vs Palantir

We decided to take two technology stocks (outside of the FAANG scope - Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix Google), and analyze them using exactly the same methodology presented in the guide. The two stocks we have chosen are Snowflake and Palantir.

How to analyze a stock

How to analyze a stock – the ultimate guide

Whether you’re an experienced investor or completely new to the field of investing, the most important thing to know is how to analyze a stock. That’s why we at Equito have decided to put together the most comprehensive guide on the topic, covering as many relevant aspects of stock analysis as possible, without limiting ourselves…